Important notices for parents:

The Parent – Teacher or Parent - Principal bond between our staff and the parents is quite well – known.

Regular meetings are conducted keeping in mind, that parents must be upto date with their child’s overall psychological and motor development.

  • Parents and guardians are however requested to co-operate with School Authority in enforcing regularity and discipline.

    For the value of tomorrow must be sown today.

  • The School expects parents to maintain all the receipts and documents issued by the School, till the end of the year, to avoid any sort of inconvenience.

  • Simple lessons of hygiene, such as short, trim nails, decent hairstyle and clean uniform keeping in mind the neatness guidelines are expected by the School Authorities.

  • Expensive jewellery or any other such items must be avoided, and if lost, School must not be held responsible for it.

  • For obvious reasons, parents or other persons are not allowed to meet the students/ Teachers during School hours.

  • One of the other important things that the School expects its parent to do, is to send the school diary regularly with the child and check it as it is updated.

A detailed list of the clauses are mentioned in the School Calendar, which will be given to the pupil, once the admission process is completed.